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your charitable gift services.

Our mission at RenPSG is to amplify charitable giving in a significant and meaningful manner through trusted partnerships. We seek to enable financial organizations to deliver a higher level of service to their charitable-minded clients and to have more new asset opportunities by providing sophisticated charitable gift strategies to prospective clients.

Your one-stop shop for charitable gift services.

RenPSG delivers planned-giving administrative services tailored to meet your needs. We are a one-stop shop for any financial services organization that provides charitable gift instruments and planned giving advice to wealthy investors.

We do this by providing our expertise on tax reporting, contribution processing, grant processing, trust administration, technology, and accounting work necessary for:

Finding the right solutions for you.

We partner with financial services organizations by offering the following solutions:

Our tailor-made institutional solutions give financial institution a choice of services it wishes to implement into the organization. Once a need is determined, services are customized by choosing any combination of: a white label branded technology portal, trust administration, reporting, accounting, compliance, client case consulting on RenPSG Tools, and a dedicated service and implementation team.

Our per client solutions give financial professionals access to our breadth of charitable gift knowledge through our RenPSG Tools portal. This will give them a higher level of competency and the tools to deliver advice to their clients with charitable intentions. We provide: trust administration, reporting, accounting, compliance, and client case consulting.

This option is an institution-wide solution that leverages the partnership between the financial institution, RenPSG, and/or Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. We provide: a white label branded technology portal, gift administration, reporting, accounting, compliance, client case consulting on RenPSG Tools, and a dedicated service and implementation team.

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Charitable gift services aren't just a line of business, for RenPSG, it is our only business.

With over 30 years of experience in charitable gift services, RenPSG currently supports charitable gift portfolios for over 110 institutions that include large nonprofit organizations, financial firms, universities, community foundations and other nonprofits.

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Still exploring your options?

If you’d like to keep learning about giving options before contacting us, we encourage you to look through our education center. The RenPSG Education Center provides information about different giving vehicles, helpful calculators and quizzes, important FAQs and more.