Pooled fund accounting, CGA calculations and trust distributions monopolizing your time? We have you covered.

Accounting for pooled investments and individually managed accounts never looked so easy. Our highly skilled team updates all accounting on a daily basis and provides a seamless integration into your general ledger.

Key Features of working with the RenPSG Accounting Services CoE:

    • Proprietary accounting system
    • Access to industry accounting and compliance experts
    • Complete Unitized Accounting Service
    • Daily pricing available
    • Robust reporting
    • Customizable monthly and annual reports packages
    • No restrictions when funds can be added or withdrawn
    • Net Asset Value (NAV) Calculation Service
    • General Ledger integration
    • Complete accounting for individually managed investment accounts
    • Preparation of all required tax forms and schedules

Advantages of Accounting Services CoE:

    • Guidance on tax impact for various investment strategies
    • Experience with accounting requirements for all gift types
    • Legal team that works with the IRS and all states to ensure compliance