Our proprietary online reporting functionality is a key element of the RenPSG experience especially for our institutional clients. The ability to access account data, contribution and disbursement information, month-end accounting reports, and much more make tracking the activity of accounts a simple but powerful part of running a streamlined organization.

The reporting module allows our institutional clients to generate and export reports, in a user-friendly manner, into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or PDF. Your team can then use this data to analyze key performance metrics, prepare for important presentations, track account activity, and track current workflow, in addition to numerous other uses. This module offers users the ability to filter reports in countless ways, including the ability to save the user defined report parameters for future use–creating a very robust reporting environment.

Some of the key reports available to your organization include the following:

  • Account Information
  • Contribution Information
  • Disbursement Information
  • Month-End Reports
    • Account Synopsis
    • Check Register
    • Closed Account Listing
    • Detailed Asset Holdings
    • New Account Listing
    • Outstanding Checks
    • Summary of Activity
  • Client Correspondence
    • Donor Statement (PDF of statements issued)
    • Check Copies (PDF of checks issued)

In addition to the reports available online, RenPSG prepares a monthly report package that is delivered to you electronically. This report package contains the financial information needed to easily import data into your accounting system. We have developed the report package based on the great feedback from our clients and will work with you to customize reports to meet your specific needs.