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Last year we announced a partnership with The Giving Block which allowed us to start accepting cryptocurrency donations into new or existing donor-advised funds. Now we’re excited to announce that we’ve built on this partnership to allow crypto donors to keep a portion of their contributed cryptocurrency donations in a donor-advised fund.

What’s a donor-advised fund?

A donor-advised fund is a charitable giving account that allows donors to contribute as frequently as they like and then recommend grants to their favorite charities to support the causes they care about. The fund is established through a public charity, such as Renaissance Charitable Foundation, which allows donors to receive immediate tax benefits on their contributions and avoid the capital gains tax when giving appreciated assets.

Investing Crypto in a donor-advised fund: How it Works

Once the donor-advised fund account is established through Renaissance Charitable Foundation, they create a unique wallet address that is sent to the donor to transfer the crypto. Donations of both Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted in this crypto investment process. Per the RCF investment policy, 15% of the donor-advised fund’s value is invested in traditional assets, so donors can convert a portion of their crypto to cash for investment or can donate cash or other traditional assets to their donor-advised fund account. Our team works with the donor to make a plan that meets the objectives of the donor-advised fund.

Donor deductions vary depending on when and how they acquired the crypto:

Get the Facts

Can my donor-advised fund keep my crypto gift for liquidation at a later date?

Yes! Ren, in partnership with The Giving Block, developed a process that allows donors to keep crypto in a donor-advised fund. Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc., the charitable sponsor of the donor-advised fund program, is one of the first major donor-advised fund sponsors to allow donors to invest crypto.

 What is the fee for donating crypto?

The wrap fee is between 1.5% – 2.5% of the total donor-advised fund value.

Can the donor-advised fund account be 100% invested in crypto?

No. The donor-advised fund account must maintain a 15% value in traditional (liquid) assets for grantmaking and expenses.


Still have questions? We have answers. Visit our FAQ page for more information around investing crypto in a donor-advised fund.