Jewish Philanthropy

A Legacy of Tzedakah: Giving in Line With Your Jewish Values

A history of giving, a legacy of impact

Called to charity by tzedakah, followers of Judaism honor and sustain tradition by aligning their giving with Jewish values.  Learn how some donors are making sure their Jewish values are realized in their charitable giving, both today and in future generations.

Tap into programs and resources that support your values

Your values inform your family life, your daily routines, traditions, and more. Shouldn’t they also guide your giving and investing decisions? Morgan Stanley offers a range of programs, resources, and services that allow you to put your wealth and beliefs to work for the benefit of your community and world.

MS GIFT, in collaboration with Jewish Future Pledge, can help donors who want to ensure that their philanthropic legacy will be left toward Jewish causes. In addition, we:

  • Facilitate strategic giving that supports your Jewish traditions and values today and with future generations.
  • Provide donor-advised funds that allow for efficient and tax-advantageous giving.
  • Help you shape a values-based plan for long-term impact – contact a Financial Advisor today.
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While we believe that MS GIFT provides a valuable philanthropic opportunity, contributions to MS GIFT are not appropriate for everyone. Other forms of charitable giving may be more appropriate depending on a donor’s specific situation. Of critical importance to any person considering making a donation to MS GIFT is the fact that any such donation is an irrevocable contribution. Although donors will have certain rights to make recommendations to MS GIFT as described in the Donor Circular & Disclosure Statement, contributions become the legal property of MS GIFT when donated.

The Donor Circular & Disclosure Statement describes the risks, fees and expenses associated with establishing and maintaining an MS GIFT account. Read it carefully before contributing.

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