Maui Disaster Relief

On August 8th a wildfire began moving across Maui. Due to hurricane winds, the flames swept across the island at a terrifying speed destroying almost everything in its path. Maui residents are now facing devastating tragedy and loss.

During this time, many organizations have quickly stepped up to provide relief. If you’re looking for ways to support this community through relief efforts, we put together a list of vetted charities that are offering relief services to those impacted by the wildfires.

Most of these organizations are local to Maui, meaning they are tightly engrained in their communities, giving them a deeper understanding of their community’s needs and how to best fulfill them. The national organizations have a history of experience acting quickly and effectively to provide relief during a disaster.

If you have clients who would like to support the Maui disaster relief efforts, talk to them about recommending grants through their donor-advised fund. Granting funds through a DAF is a powerful way to quickly get funds into the hands of these organizations so they can continue their vital relief efforts without ceasing.

Together, we can make a big impact.