Philanthropy for all: How Flex Giving accounts increase opportunities to give  

In 2021, an estimated “… 49% of Gen Zers donated to a cause or person they discovered on social media [and] 43% contributed to a crowdfunding campaign.” 

This goes to show that the next generation of up-and-coming donors are both ready and capable of giving back to causes they care about, though they may have an unconventional way of doing so. Are you providing your current, future, and potential clients with unique charitable solution options to help them achieve their specific philanthropic goals?  

While donor-advised funds (DAFs) can offer a streamlined way for families and larger donors to participate in giving, not all your clients will feel prepared or need to open one now. Luckily, Ren offers various other giving solutions that might be a better fit for your client’s philanthropic priorities, abilities, and goals.  

In particular, Ren’s Flex Giving account is a modern giving portal for donors to perform self-service contributions, distribute funds to any approved charity, and download tax receipts. Essentially operating as a mini-DAF, this innovative and tech-savvy option has little to no minimum donation balance, as well as broad access to many charitable causes, making it an excellent alternative to traditional giving vehicles. 

Leveraging this technologically advanced charitable option not only offers donors a meaningful and socially conscious way of giving back, but it also allows you, as their financial advisor, to reach a larger segment of donors. 

By taking advantage of this bespoke opportunity, you can also encourage your clients to involve their children and future generations in charitable giving, in addition to naming them as a successor on their current DAF. While they may not currently be large donors, the children of your clients could eventually become your primary clientele, and it is important to involve them in philanthropy sooner rather than later to continue and solidify those relationships.  

Let’s expand the opportunity of philanthropic giving to all. Facilitating charitable access to a wider variety of clients using tools such as a Flex Giving account is an essential piece of enhancing your practice, all while helping current and future clients achieve their philanthropic goals. 

Is a donor-advised fund the right choice for your client?​

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