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The cornerstone of RenPSG’s value is our Client Services, but the way we deliver that is through our philanthropy management software. We are always striving to deliver the most accurate, timely information possible to our clients through our online interface in a way that is intuitive enough for a new donor to appreciate, while robust and sophisticated enough for our large institutional clients.


A cloud-based, Donor-Advised Fund Account Management Platform, DonorFirst’s combination of donor-facing- and staff-side technology tools engages your donors while improving your staff’s efficiency through secure and comprehensive workflow processes.


With DonorFirst, you complement and enhance your organization by partnering with the industry leader spearheading the evolution of online donor experience technology. Our software solution offers:

The most complete securities and usability features on the market.

A powerful interface. Much more than a transactional portal, DonorFirst is a fully integrated and socially powerful platform.

An integrated solution. DonorFirst is uniquely designed and optimized for your donors, their families and your entire back-office team.

A complete, cloud-based, software solution that manages the accounting, administration and management of any deferred or planned charitable gift. Our online platform features donor access to provide increased transparency and engagement in addition to a robust staff portal with full reporting capabilities.


RenWeb is a custom software solution that is tailored to meet the needs of each client. Our software solution includes:

Integrated unitized or separately managed accounting for all gift types

Branded online donor portal for increased transparency

Dedicated client service team that provides ongoing support to organizational staff

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