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Easily expand and manage your charitable gift services with us as your one-stop shop for charitable giving.


We make giving management easy, so you can focus your time and energy on your organization’s mission.

Individual Donors

We can help you find the right long-term, charitable solution so you can make the most of your giving.

Charitable gift services aren't just a line of business, for RenPSG, it is our only business.

With over 30 years of experience in charitable gift services, RenPSG currently supports charitable gift portfolios for over 140 institutions that include large nonprofit organizations, financial firms, universities, community foundations and other nonprofits.

$ 1
Billion 0f charitable gifts supported
Grant payments totaling
$ 0
billion in 2018
1 %
growth on average in additional annual contributions

RenPSG provides everything charitable organizations and financial institutions need to attract new donors and clients while keeping your current ones happy and engaged! Individual donors that work with RenPSG receive personalized long-term charitable solutions and more.

Explore the Education Center

The RenPSG Education Center gives you access to helpful explanations of the different gift types, calculators and quizzes, and important information about giving. Learn more below!

Understanding Gift Types

Learn more about the different giving vehicles, such as a Donor-Advised Fund or Charitable Trust.​

Tools & Calculators​

Take our Find Your Fit Questionnaire, or try our Securities Donations Calculator or Gift Calculator.

Facts & Information

Learn about IRS rates, transferring trusts, and read through some of our FAQs.​​

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