Tools & Calculators

From determining which gift type achieves the donor’s objective with our Suitability Quiz to our free gift calculator
or using our self-guided illustration request, RenPSG provides you with the on-demand tools to be
a well-informed provider for your clients.

Explore these tools and calculators below!

Find Your Fit Questionnaire

Need assistance determining which charitable gift will deliver the results and impact your donor wants? Fill out our Find Your Fit Questionnaire to be pointed in the right direction.

Gift Calculator

This calculator determines the charitable deduction for any of the following gift types: Charitable Gift Annuity, Charitable Remainder Trust, Pooled Income Fund and Charitable Lead Trust.

Securities Donation Calculator

Appreciated securities are one of the best assets to donate to your Donor-Advised Fund, often reducing your tax bill and increasing the dollars available to support the charities you care about. Learn more.

Illustration Requests

Our consulting team will create a simple, custom illustration for a CRT, CLT, CGA, DAF or PIF. Learn more about what this illustration demonstrates and how to request one here.

Still exploring your options?

If you’d like to keep learning about giving options, we encourage you to look through our education center. The RenPSG Education Center provides information about different giving vehicles, important FAQs and more.