Easily expand and manage your charitable gift services

Our mission is to amplify charitable giving with the expertise, standards, and technology necessary to power growth and scale throughout the philanthropic economy. With Ren, you get the tools you need to deliver a higher level of service to charitably minded clients and win new clients with philanthropic intentions.

Your one-stop shop for charitable gift services

Ren delivers planned-giving administrative services tailored to meet your needs. We are a one-stop shop for any financial services organizations that offer charitable gift instruments and planned giving advice to wealthy investors.

By providing expertise on tax reporting, contribution processing, grant processing, trust administration, technology, and accounting, we support institutions serving their customers with:

  • Donor-advised funds
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Pooled income funds
  • Pooled special needs trusts
  • Private foundations
  • Endowments
  • Scholarship funds

Discover other vehicles for giving

We partner with financial services organizations by offering the following solutions:

Just as no two financial institutions are the same, no two charitable-giving solutions are the same. When you engage with Ren,  you get a package of solutions designed for your unique institution and customers, with products and services that suit your processes and integrate into your systems.

Our per client solutions give financial professionals access to a wide range of charitable gift knowledge through our Ren Tools portal. Ren equips financial professionals to deliver advice to charitably minded clients, and supports financial institutions with trust administration, reporting, accounting, compliance, and client case consulting. 

Ren’s charitable giving solutions make your financial institution the hero with administrative tools branded to reflect your organization’s identity. Customers and advisors feel more comfortable working in a familiar environment, and your firm adds to its role in customers’ financial lives. 

Charitable gift services are what we do

With more than 30 years of experience in charitable gift services, we currently support charitable gift portfolios for over 140 institutions – including large and small nonprofit organizations, universities, community foundations, and financial firms – and provide the expertise, standards, and technology these organizations need to attract new donors and clients while keeping current ones happy and engaged.

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