Pooled Special Needs Trust

A pooled special needs trust is set up to efficiently administer a special needs trust on behalf of individual beneficiaries with disabilities. These assets are combined and invested together; funds are spent on beneficiaries in proportion to their share of the total amount.

With RenPSG, we provide you with timely and accurate distribution processing, online access for all parties, tax return preparation, sub-accounting, and customized reporting for your Pooled Special Needs Trust.

Benefits of a Pooled Special Needs Trust

Special Service Features

• Capacity to Manage High Volume
• 24 Hour Payment Turn-Around
• Partner with Existing Trustee and/or Investment Manager

Increase Efficiences

Need timely and accurate distribution completed? How about a specific tax code for each distribution? Our highly skilled team will ensure all approved distributions are paid within 24 hours via electronic payment or check. In addition, RenPSG will review each distribution against the OFAC database.

Charitable Impact and Legacy

With online access for beneficiaries, trustees and staff, RenPSG’s proprietary software allows users to view information through a website branded specific to the organization.

Beneficiaries & Interested Parties can:
• View account holdings & transaction history
• View statements and correspondence
• Enter distribution requests and upload

Staff can:
• View all of the above
• Review, approve or deny distribution requests
• Monitor current status of all distributions
• View Executive Dashboard (Summary of All Accounts)

Is a Pooled Special Needs Trust right for you?

A Pooled Special Needs Trust can be a great solution for donors. 

Our Find Your Fit Questionnaire can help you discover if a Pooled Special Needs Trust is right for you. Click the button below to fill out the questionnaire, or keep reading for more helpful information.