RenPSG Education Center

RenPSG charitable consultants are truly subject matter experts. Our team is staffed with lawyers, accountants, MBAs and Certified Financial Planners. We work together to assist donors, financial professionals and charitable institutions with philanthropic planning.

One way we do that is through providing you with the on-demand tools and education to help you feel confident when starting a charitable conversation. These tools span industries and organizations. You can use them whether you’re working on behalf of a client at a financial institution, you’re an individual wanting to learn more about your best option, or you represent a non-profit.

Scroll through the resources below to see the breadth of knowledge the experts at RenPSG offer to clients for free!

Tools & Calculators

Find Your Fit Questionnaire

Need assistance determining which charitable gift will deliver the results and impact your donor wants? Fill out our Find Your Fit Questionnaire to be pointed in the right direction.

Gift Calculator

This calculator determines the charitable deduction for any of the following gift types: Charitable Gift Annuity, Charitable Remainder Trust, Pooled Income Fund and Charitable Lead Trust.

Securities Donation Calculator

Appreciated securities are one of the best assets to donate to your Donor-Advised Fund, often reducing your tax bill and increasing the dollars available to support the charities you care about. Learn more.

Illustration Requests

Our consulting team will create a simple, custom illustration for a CRT, CLT, CGA, DAF or PIF. Learn more about what this illustration demonstrates and how to request one here.

Facts & Information

IRS Rates

IRC Section 7520 dictates the discount rate used for calculating the charitable deduction for all “split interest” charitable gifts. Learn more.

Transferring Trusts

Transferring a charitable trust to RenPSG is easy to do. Learn about the necessary forms and information needed to transfer one or more trusts.

FAQs About Charitable Remainder Trusts

Read through some of the most commonly asked questions about Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts.

Understanding Gift Types

Read through quick overviews of different giving options and then learn more about how each gift works and their benefits.

Learn more about Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Donor-Advised Funds, Private Foundations, and Pooled-Income Funds.