Securities Donation Calculator

Appreciated securities are one of the best assets to donate to your Donor-Advised Fund, often reducing your tax bill and increasing the dollars available to support the charities you care about.

How Does the Calculator Work?

Enter the estimated value of the shares you plan to contribute, choose your federal income tax rate, and the federal long-term capital gains rate and the cost basis for the shares you are contributing.

The calculator below will show you the tax savings you’ll get by donating the securities directly to a DAF versus selling the securities and donating the proceeds to a DAF. 

Income Tax Savings
0.00 USD

Long-Term Capital Gains Tax Savings
0.00 USD

Still exploring your options?

If you’d like to keep learning about giving options, we encourage you to use our education center. The RenPSG Education Center provides information about different giving vehicles, helpful calculators and questionnaires, important FAQs and more.