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Ren’s team of charitable consultants includes tax attorneys, accountants, MBAs, Certified Financial Planners, and other professionals who collaborate to assist donors, financial professionals, and charitable institutions with philanthropic planning. 

In addition, we provide on-demand tools and education that give you the confidence to start a charitable conversation. Adaptable to a wide range of industries and organizations, these tools help you whether you’re a financial professional working on behalf of a client, an individual wanting to learn more about your best option, or a nonprofit professional seeking the best ways to serve donors and your mission. 

Resources for financial advisors

12 questions to ask before setting up a DAF

Uncover everything you need to know about DAFs and if they’re right for your clients.

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How to make contributions to a DAF

Learn how to make a contribution to a donor-advised fund using complex assets.

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CRT quick guide

Get a quick summary of CRTs and uncover the many benefits they offer your clients.

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CLT quick guide

See whether charitable lead trusts are best for your client with this quick guide.

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Financial advisor webinars

Six benefits of a DAF in a volatile market

Making the most of DAFs in 2022

Gifting complex assets

Resources for financial institutions

DAF program best practices

Learn how to launch and manage a donor-advised program that thrives.

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Ren's managed services

Discover the power of using an expert like Ren to manage your philanthropic services.

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Making contributions to a DAF

Find out the advantages of partnering with Ren to handle complex assets donations.

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DFX platform benefits

See why DFX is the best charitable giving technology on the market for institutions, advisors, and clients.

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Financial institution webinars

Are white-label DAFs right for your organization?

Top 10 wealth management trends for 2023

How diversity is driving impact investing