Better together: Why I’m all-in on combining Stellar and Ren

Today we announced that Stellar Technology Solutions is joining forces with Ren, bringing together the most influential group of experts in the philanthropic solutions space under one market-leading organization.

Why am I so excited to be a part of this newly-combined company? The answer is simple. With more than 55 years of combined experience in the industry, the technology and service capabilities our team brings to the market are unmatched and inimitable.

For Stellar customers – already some of the most successful, well-respected, and well-known donor-advised funds (DAFs), community and faith-based foundations, and financial services firms in the nation – there will be both immediate and longer-term benefits to this integration.

Expanded Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to grow and streamline your program

Ren’s innovation in back-office managed services has enabled them to become the backbone of many of the largest institutional DAF programs in the U.S. As I dug in under the hood of Ren’s capabilities, I was enthused to see that its more than just people that power their BPO services, but its deeply integrated systems tailored to DAF use cases. Programs on Stellar’s iPhi platform can now rely on our enhanced BPO team and menu of service offerings to enhance your current DAF program operations or become your end-to-end charitable giving partner..

Managed services provide an efficient way to scale your DAF program, whether that means accommodating the fluctuations of giving season or outsourcing more of the tedious back-office work or end-user support. If your goals are to reduce your operating costs, grow your giving program and assets, or provide exceptional client experiences, we can provide a services package that meets the unique needs of your program. These services include:

  • Grant vetting, processing, and payments: From charity vetting and due diligence to payment processing, including automatic payments via ACH, we will ensure that your clients’ grants are compliant and lead to impact with efficiency and speed. 
  • Client success and program growth services: With Ren’s focus on scalability, donor and advisor relations, and advisor adoption and educational programs, institutions that leverage Ren’s suite of services grow their giving programs 45% year over year on average, about 88% faster than the industry average.
  • Service center: Provide an exceptional client experience and set your program up to scale. Ren’s client services team can serve as an extension of your institution, providing phone and email support, account administration, and program reporting and analytics.
  • Contributions processing: Ren processes cash and securities donations and has a premier complex asset practice that accepts contributions in the form of business interests, real estate, structured notes, tangible personal property, and more.

Our commitment to our customers and the philanthropic ecosystem

Bringing Stellar and Ren together provides our combined organization with the scale and resources required to accelerate our combined investment in technology. We will not only deliver on our commitments to the iPhi platform, but also invest above and beyond what we would have been able to on our own. With Ren’s proven track record of acquiring and integrating technology, we’re confident that Steller customers will be pleased with what’s in store, including more cloud-enabled solutions and the APIs they have been asking for.

Today, Ren and Stellar operate with customers at the center of everything we do. As our teams come together, from our client services teams to our newly combined board of directors, one thing is certain: our customer-centric culture and focus on serving you will remain. While we’re confident that private equity will take notice of our market leadership, we’ve decided to create scale and innovation in the philanthropic sector on our own, with owners from Stellar Technology Solutions and Ren comprising our new board of directors.

As DAFs continue to grow in popularity, there has never been a better time to join forces with Ren. I couldn’t be more energized to partner with the Ren team to continue to help philanthropic industry leaders further differentiate their brands, engage donors, and drive the philanthropic industry forward.

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