RCF DAF Setup Steps

Establishing your Donor-Advised Fund

Setting up and managing a new donor-advised fund (DAF) through the Renaissance Charitable Foundation (RCF) is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to get started.


Prepare and provide the following paperwork to RCF for review and signature via e-mail to christij@reninc.com and rcf@reninc.com:

  1.  Completed RCF DAF Application signed by the donor(s)
  2.  Investment Policy Statement signed by the advisor of record
  3.  Completed application and other completed paperwork required for RCF to establish a nonprofit organization account with your firm (clients do not sign), including an account application, ACH authorization paperwork, and online access/electronic delivery paperwork.
    1. Please note – this paperwork should be completed prior to providing it to RCF for signature.
    2. See Instructions for Opening an Investment Account for additional instructions.
  4.  Advisor firm’s Advisory Agreement for RCF review and signature


Next Steps

  1.  RenPSG establishes the RCF DAF on the DFX platform (this generally takes 1-2 business days). Log-in credentials are e-mailed to the advisor and donor when the account is established. The DAF account can be accessed at https://rcf.donorfirstx.com. Instructions for navigating the platform can be found here.
  2.  Paperwork to open the investment account is signed by RCF and returned to the Advisor (this generally takes 3-5 business days for paperwork completed in good order). 
  3.  The Advisor establishes the investment account and makes the initial contribution directly into the new investment account.
  4.  When the investment account has been funded, the Advisor must send confirmation of funding to rcf@reninc.comThis can be a screenshot of the transaction in the receiving RCF DAF investment account, but must include the account number and contribution details.
  5.  RenPSG credits the contribution to the account and moves the account into a grant-ready status. The process is complete!


Important Notes

  1.  RCF is the owner of the investment account and should sign all investment account paperwork as the account owner. Information within the application regarding the account owner should reference RCF, not the donor(s).
  2.  The Advisor may need to be licensed in the state of Indiana to open the new account. Check with your firm’s compliance department for their requirements.
  3.  For 2021 year-end timeline information please click here.
  4.  For the Pershing program circular please click here.


If you have any questions regarding your fund establishment or there are special steps required for your donated assets, contact us at consulting@reninc.com and we will guide you through the process.