Fueling the giving revolution: Celebrating our partners in scaling philanthropy

The Executive Team at Ren

Today, as I reflect on our new partnership with Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and Valeas Partners, I am overwhelmed with excitement and optimism for the future of Ren and the philanthropic ecosystem.

Our commitment to revolutionizing the charitable landscape has been unwavering since the beginning. Along this path, we made strategic investments in tech, services, and the continuous evolution of our Modern Giving platform. We’ve become the most trusted and innovative software solutions provider that global financial institutions depend on to power their donor-advised fund (DAF) programs. And most importantly, we’ve helped direct more than $167 billion to non-profits worldwide. 

Creating a category is challenging, but when it comes to philanthropic tech, there is no better organization to achieve this than Ren. Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and Valeas Capital Partners are the ideal partners for us on this journey.  

The time is now.

We find ourselves at a unique and opportune moment as the world prepares for the great wealth transfer to Generation Z and Millennials. This generational shift brings with it a market that is hungry for innovation and change. We’re also finding new and encouraging use cases for our platform, global partners who wish to build and direct giving programs with our help, and of course, a growing number of non-profits and mission-driven individuals we want to empower to do more good in the world. 

We have the team, the technology, and now the right partners to meet this opportunity head-on and revolutionize how philanthropy is approached, conducted, and experienced. 

Still, there is much work to do to ensure that the next generation’s charitable aspirations actualize into the true impact possible through innovation and disruption. 

Partnering with Bain Capital Tech Opportunities: The perfect synergy

As we embarked on our search for the ideal partner to take our vision to greater heights, we found Bain Capital Tech Opportunities. Bain Capital launched Tech Opportunities a little over four years ago with a vision to invest in category-defining software and services companies just like us. Their approach builds on Bain Capital’s decades of expertise scaling fintech companies in everything from payments, like WorldPay, to retail platforms like Acorns. Throughout the process of finding the right partner, we’ve also understood that it takes more than capital to enable success in technology. 

And Bain Capital Tech Opportunities provides much more; they are engaged growth partners with deep strategic and operational capabilities who will help Ren meet its full potential and revolutionize the philanthropic economy one day at a time. We’ve already built a quick-start plan that will enable us to hit the ground running by accelerating our tech roadmap and empowering our people with the tools they need to better serve their clients. 

They are committed to helping us grow efficiently while maintaining unwavering fidelity to our core values. As we got to know each other, the Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and Valeas team’s palpable excitement about our mission and vision reaffirmed the alignment of our shared values. 

These experiences provided us with the confidence that we have chosen partners well-versed in driving technological advancement and growth. 

“When you combine innovative technology, a mission to impact the world, and strong leadership, you get Ren—the most trusted software platform powering the evolution of the philanthropic economy. Companies like Ren and leaders like Joe Fisher are why our team is so excited to invest in growth tech. They are on the brink of a new stage of market leadership and growth, with an exciting platform that is beloved by customers. Our experience in fintech, payments, and scaling vertical software companies will help them expand their DAF platform across the country and empower modern philanthropic giving.” – Scott Kirk, Partner at Bain Capital Tech Opportunities.

Achieving our vision together

With Bain Capital Tech Opportunities at our side, we have the resources and support to achieve remarkable things together. We are committed to driving automation, efficiency, and standardization in our operations, enabling us to deliver an unparalleled experience to our customers and the greater philanthropic community.

Our focus remains on fueling innovation and growth within the philanthropic landscape, removing friction from philanthropy, and continuing to create a robust network. We aim to revolutionize grant vetting and payments, empower financial institutions to expand their charitable offerings and deepen client relationships, and assist all stakeholders in making informed and impactful philanthropic decisions through analytics.

Moreover, we are investing in self-service education for advisors and donors, making planned giving strategies and benefits more accessible. This investment will create the efficiency necessary to scale planned giving across the mass affluent and younger generations, thereby widening the scope and influence of their philanthropic motives.

A bright future awaits

In closing, I want to express my profound gratitude to each member of our team, our loyal customers, and the broader philanthropic community. Our journey has been marked by resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Now, with the backing of Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and Valeas Partners, we are poised to reach new heights and create an enduring legacy.

With the support of Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and the unwavering dedication of our team and partners, we will continue to embrace the values that have brought us here—boldness, innovation, trust, and empowerment. Together, we will make a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. The best is yet to come!

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