Latest on the Forbes Technology Council: The NextGen’s Impact on Philanthropy

In his inaugural piece for the Forbes Technology Council, RenPSG CEO Joe Fisher touches on the revolutionary effects of the NextGen on charitable giving, particularly in regard to technological integration. 

The NextGen can be defined as Millennials and Gen Z, with the older of the two outgiving any other generational grouping during the pandemic. Despite financial challenges such as exponentially high student loan debt, younger Americans are exceedingly generous – and well researched – with 75% of millennials relying on mobile phones to look up information about a cause before donating. This technological reliance shifts the philanthropic conversation from the local church or country club to the palm of anyone’s hand, granting a unique role to philanthropic giving platforms in the democratization of donating. 

Securely giving to causes that are legitimate requires a keen eye for unsavory scammers, in addition to tools that make giving far more efficient. As social media platforms become popular avenues for donating, how can philanthrotech bridge the gap between the NextGen and the organizations they seek to support? 

Joe’s piece is available here, and be sure to follow his future contributions in the Forbes Technology Council.

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