Ren for Charities streamlines client’s giving

Ren is making it easier for financial institutions to serve their charitably minded clients with a platform that simplifies the giving process and allows donations to make a difference as soon as possible.

Ren for Charities provides a tool that gives financial institutions and charities quick and easy access to information and facilitates the electronic transfer of gifts. It also allows advisors to ensure the nonprofit organizations their customers support are fully vetted, gifts are disbursed quickly and correctly, and giving records are up-to-date and easily accessible.

A charity database …

On its face, Ren for Charities looks like an informational listing of charities. Donors can search for specific nonprofits by name, or they can search for organizations within areas of interest.

When they first land on the webpage, they’ll see buttons with categories such as “Animals,” “Disaster Relief,” and “Religion and Spirituality.” When they select a category, it opens a page with subdivisions. For example, in the “Education” category, they can look for organizations under “Adult Education,” “Alliances & Advocacy,” “Educational Services,” and so on. 

Once the donor dives deeper into the database, they get the chance to discover more about charities. If they see a nonprofit that interests them, they can click on its name to open a page with basic information, like a breakdown of spending among programs, fundraising, and management.

Ren created this listing to get IRS updates faster than they were able to through Guidestar, which means your institution and clients have a more current listing to vet charities from.

… and more

As helpful as Ren for Charities listings are for donors and their advisors, they’re only a part of the benefits the platform delivers.

Ren for Charities also allows charities to receive grants via ACH, which means your client’s donated funds get to the charities more quickly and get to work making a difference sooner. Both donors and charities appreciate that ACH reduces the chance that funds could be sent to the wrong address, lost in the mail, or slowed by the process of moving papers from one desk to the next. Another benefit for clients is that at the end of the year – or any time, actually – Ren for Charities makes it easy to access and gather tax records and other information about charitable gifts.

Charities using the platform have access to donor and grant information that ensures they use grants correctly, and they can export this information into their donor management software.

A final note: Urge charities to claim their listing

Ren for Charities works best when charities are engaged. You can make this platform even better by encouraging the nonprofit organizations you work with to go to Ren for Charities and “claim” their charity profile. The process is quick and easy, and it will ensure that their most up-to-date information is available to donors and allow them to then register to receive grants via ACH.

We are on a continuous journey to discover how to make charitable giving better, and Ren for Charities allows you to give your client’s an exceptional experience as they support the causes they care about most. Plus, it puts you in the role of facilitating a highly meaningful decision, which never fails to increase the bond between you and your clients.

Want to learn even more about these new services? One of our experts is happy to set up a time to chat with you. If you’re interested in Ren’s efforts to make giving more accessible to more people, read our earlier blog.