Season 1: Intro to using DAFs as planned giving

This is the third of five episodes in our Philanthropic Insights series that offers advisors an intro to planned giving and dives into how to leverage donor-advised funds for long-term impact.

In our third episode, Kim Ledger and planned giving expert Kyle Christopherson, MBA, CFP, head of Strategic Growth Services at Ren share why charitable conversations are vital for financial advisors and exactly how to get the conversation started with clients.

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Season 1:

Episode 1: Intro to using DAFs for planned giving

Episode 2: A complete guide to donor-advised funds

Episode 3: How to talk to clients about charitable giving

Episode 4: How to know when a DAF is right for your clients | Release date 2/22/24

Episode 5: The power of cross-collaboration for financial advisors | Release date 3/7/24

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