#stopthespread of COVID-19

Last week, as the news of #COVID19 continued to escalate, many were in denial. As CEO of company that powers social impact, I sensed we couldn’t wait.  Over the weekend, I decided to partner with CEOs and leaders around the country to adopt the CEO #leadboldly commitment – an initiative that encourages leaders to take bold steps to help #stopthespread of COVID-19.  It felt good to take an aggressive stance. 

A few days later, these early actions already feel commonplace.  Enabling our teams to #workfromhome, supporting our frontline workforce, first responders and healthcare workers, and promoting #socialdistancing by cancelling public events are, today, the “new normal.”  I am proud of my team for mobilizing early and at speed – we are working in new ways and keeping our teams, families and communities safe — all while making sure our customers and donors are getting what they need.   It is no small effort, but we will need to keep up our stamina – and do even MORE going forward.

True social impact is about more than personal survival.  It’s about giving back for greater good.  Please do all you can to support small businesses and their employees during this tough time, don’t give up your charities.  If you have a job, LEAN IN.   They need you more than ever before.  Together, we can #stopthespread –  of the virus AND long-term consequences.  Let’s narrow the SOCIAL DISTANCE worldwide with SOCIAL IMPACT.  There’s still time, as long as we act early. 

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