Strategically Late on Charitable Giving…

The first blog post was created sometime in the late ’90s, and less than 10 years later, blogging was mainstream. How mainstream? Today, there are over 152 million blogs and counting.

So why is Renaissance jumping in now?

After all, Renaissance has been providing gift services for charitable trusts, gift annuities, pooled income funds, donor-advised funds, and much more since 1987. By providing consulting, custom case design and implementation assistance on all types of planned giving vehicles, we have established ourselves as the nation’s largest independent charitable gift services company.

There are roughly 30 trillion reasons why we felt it was time to make a little more noise about charitable planned giving. Thirty trillion dollars is the estimated wealth transfer that will occur in the next 30-40 years as Baby Boomers make their estate plans. Amplified Giving will explore tax efficient ways for Boomers to make this transfer happen while benefiting their favorite charities. Our goal is to be the charitable giving resource that financial advisors, nonprofit executives and wealth managers look to as they advise their clients and donors.

So what can you expect to find in our blog?

Greg & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Legal & Tax Consulting doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

Greg Baker & Ted Batson are our resident thought leaders on the design, drafting and compliance of charitable gifts and will discuss the nitty gritty of the different planned giving vehicles and provide insight on best practices. Due to word count limitations, we cannot add all the postnominals to show how super smart they are but as you read their blog posts, you will figure it out quickly. And while they are both shoo-ins for Mensa membership, Greg and Ted excel at communicating to lay persons the complicated ideas and theories behind successful charitable planned giving.

Their working relationship spans over two decades and together they form the intellectual foundation of Renaissance. We know you will gain new insights and ideas from their writing to share with your clients, donors and colleagues.  Submit your questions to Greg & Ted at and they will answers as many as they can through the blog.

Letters from the Front

Led by Kevin McGrath, our client advancement team includes Jeff Christie, Kyle Christopherson and Doug Cox. The Fab Five each have more than 15 years of experience in charitable planned giving and will share best practices as well as thoughts on overcoming hurdles to reach your client’s and donor’s goals.

What else?

The sky’s the limit. Our IT team is constantly updating and creating new features in our proprietary software, we are very proud of the strong audit and controls culture we have implemented to ensure SSAE 16 compliance, and we look forward to sharing real donor stories. We have plenty to talk about so keep coming back to learn more about Renaissance.

Let us know if you have questions or want information on any given subject. Visit our website to learn how Renaissance can amplify the services you provide clients and/or donors.  Most of our staff are available for speaking opportunities or webinars about the different giving vehicles. There is still much educating to do around charitable planned giving so let us know if you are eager to learn.

Contact us to find answers to any of your other charitable planning questions.

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