Webinar: Charitable planning options for retirement assets

Join our charitable planning expert, Maggie Sangalang, on Tuesday, July 25th at 1:00pm EST for this CE-accredited presentation diving into how you can help your clients utilize valuable retirement assets to help achieve their charitable giving goals. We will discuss how qualified plans can be leveraged as tax-deferral tools, impacts of the SECURE Act, and methods for incorporating charitable giving into planning options for retirement assets. This 45-minute webinar will then conclude with a live Q+A opportunity, and CE credits will be awarded following attendance at the live webinar. During this event we’ll cover:


      • Important legislation that effects characteristics and regulations of different tax tools, including IRAs, IRDs, RMDs, and more.

      • Various testamentary planning options for retirement assets such as naming a charity as the beneficiary of assets, naming a CRT as the beneficiary for a spouse or child, or funding an immediate CGA for the benefit of an heir.

      • Detailed and realistic example scenarios to demonstrate ways you can help your clients implement a wide range tax planning options to optimize their assets.

    Can’t join us for the live session? Please register for the event anyway and we will share a recording following the webinar. We look forward to seeing you there.

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