Why Ren is Acquiring Pinkaloo

If ever there was a take-away from the last 11 months it is this: The urgency to address our world’s biggest challenges has never been greater – and the individual desire to participate and contribute to these solutions is deeply personal.  Just as our nation saw record voter turnout during our last presidential election, we are seeing record demand from individuals who want to motivate, stimulate and drive meaningful change now.  People from all walks, and all income brackets, are digging deep. They are “voting” with their wallets and their feet every day – and that, in and of itself, has become a movement.

These individuals might not agree what the right changes should be, but that isn’t the point.  The point is they are making personal and financial decisions every day in the name of “doing good.”  From micro-choices, like selecting ‘more responsible’ companies and products, to larger life-decisions, like where to live, how to work and what to invest in order to leave a ‘smaller footprint.’  And then there are bold movements designed to challenge the status quo — like taking on the Hedge Funds by running up value on a gaming company stock or contributing to a kick-starter campaign to defend individuals facing perceived injustice.

And yet, in spite of this resource-rich swirl, there remains a perception in the world of philanthropy and social impact, that there’s simply not enough money to go around. Truth is, people are spending more time, energy and money on the issues that matter than ever before.  But we believe that there’s a different problem – not one of scarcity of resources or even scarcity of solutions.  We believe it is a matter delivering relevance, scalability and reach.

This is why we purchased Pinkaloo. Because having a meaningful social impact is what we all desire, and if we listen closely enough, we will hear the rally cry from a new generation jumping to action and eager for us to hear.  And from our perspective, we believe the answer to that call is clear: deliver solutions that enable financial and philanthropic institutions to support a new generation of clients and donors with greater speed and scale than ever before. Empower our non-profit and for-profit clients to engage both high net-worth and everyday citizens with velocity – with systems, standards and processes that create efficiency, while removing friction and eliminating the red-tape in giving.  Collectively grow and channel the donor capital to meet the urgent needs faster and better than ever before.

If it sounds implausible, keep in mind this: all of the ‘movements’ listed above – every single one of them – was fueled by technical innovation.  We need to make sure we do our part to help the world of social impact and philanthropy keep pace.  We certainly hope you will give us the opportunity to try – and we hope you will to join us.