Leveraging Donor-Advised Funds in a Volatile Market

While a turbulent economy causes uncertainty for businesses and consumers alike, here are six reasons why charitable giving through a donor-advised fund (DAF) can offer desired security both now and in the future.  

Even in today’s tough times, charitable giving is still alive and well  

With some of the most challenging social, political, and economic years still upon us, it can be easy to assume that present worry and future doubt would get in the way of charitable giving. Surprisingly, we have seen the opposite.

Charitable giving can create a legacy for the future  

When talking about the concept of charitable giving, there is an important element of longevity that needs to be taken into consideration. While the current economic state can cause concern for some, others are looking to the future for guidance.

Outsourcing the donation process creates a sense of security  

During a time of economic downturn, DAFs create a sense of security around an individual’s charitable giving efforts.

The desire to give is the main driver for donating 

While certain income and tax benefits are associated with opening a DAF, the driving force behind maintaining this charitable vehicle is giving back to deserving causes. This is an important factor to keep in mind during times of economic uncertainty.

You can still participate in a donor-advised fund even when diversifying your assets 

Contributions to a DAF can range anywhere from cash and stocks to real estate and life insurance, among many other complex assets. This can present an attractive opportunity for clients when the stock market is proving to be unstable.

People want to be creative with how they donate  

With both a current and new generation of donors on the rise, individuals are ready to get creative with how they donate to causes that matter to them.

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