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Life-income gifts

Ren’s partnership with U.S. Legacy Income Trusts® (Trusts) provides donors with tax-advantaged income for life using a pooled income fund strategy. Relative to existing pooled income funds that invest primarily in fixed income securities or a blend of fixed income and stocks, the Trusts’ proprietary equity income strategy can offer significant advantages, such as:

  • A higher total return, providing greater lifetime income and more assets for charitable purposes.
  • Anticipated higher and more consistent distributions to income beneficiaries, sourced from stock dividends.
  • Increase distributions over time with inflation as portfolio companies raise their dividends.
  • More favorable income tax treatment of distributions to income beneficiaries.


See the U.S. Legacy Income Trusts fact sheet to learn more.

Cryptocurrency donations

Ren and The Giving Block partner to enable crypto donations to donor-advised funds. The Giving Block is the leading crypto donation solution and they provide an easy-to-use widget that helps facilitate crypto donations. For crypto donors, there is much excitement about their ability to support causes with crypto, coupled with the fact that crypto donations can be a highly tax efficient form of philanthropy.

Click here to learn more about The Giving Block.

Philanthropic planning

Ren partners with Anonymous Philanthropy and their team of philanthropic experts and advisors to help the ultra-successful supercharge their giving and build lasting legacies. They believe that philanthropy, when done right, catalyzes action, disrupts systems, solves problems, and lifts generations. 

Explore the insightful case study to gain a deeper understanding of the transformative impact they facilitate. This is just one example of how their strategic approach to philanthropy goes beyond mere charity, creating a ripple effect that shapes meaningful change and contributes to a better future.

Impact investments

Ren’s impact investment partner is CapShift. Working with the world’s largest financial, charitable and corporate institutions, CapShift’s comprehensive platform supports their partners at every step — from client interest to allocation.  Partners leverage their industry expertise and digital infrastructure to discover opportunities, engage clients around their purpose, and allocate seamlessly. Designed to scale, CapShift powers the delivery of authentic, personalized impact investments.

Subaccounting solution for United Methodist-related institutions


Wespath has partnered with Ren to provide their clients with a solution for subaccounting using Ren’s iPhi solution. With seamless integration, Wespath can continue to help faith-based institutional investors pursue their investment objectives in a way that honors organizations’ values.  

Realty Gift Fund is a group of nonprofit and real estate professionals who recognize the unique challenges of real estate donation. Because of this niche expertise Ren partners with them to accept gifts of real estate. Realty Gift Fund uses its experience and resources to work with donors and their advisors to accept gifts of real estate, to prepare properties for the market, to convert them to cash, and to grant the sale proceeds to accounts administered by Ren on behalf of donors.

Learn more about Realty Gift Fund here.

Art and Passion Assets

The Fine Art Group has established an unrivaled track record across the art, jewelry, and collectibles ecosystem, which is why Ren partners with them on donations of art and other passion assets. The Fine Art Group is an independent global team of advisors and appraisers committed to supporting clients at every level of the art and collectibles markets. The Fine Art Group has preeminent specialists in art, fine jewelry, luxury watches, wine, and other valuable collectibles.

GiveTeam is a philanthropic planning service that specializes in supporting donors who wish to be more intentional with their charitable giving. In two sessions, GiveTeam assists donors in developing a bespoke philanthropic strategy (a charitable mission statement aligned with their values) and prepares curated information on US-based nonprofits to consider funding.  Click here to learn more.

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