Welcome to the Future of Giving

Ren brings a modern approach to charitable giving, with an easy-to-use platform that increases the efficiency of giving and democratizes philanthropy. Designed to lower barriers to giving, Ren delivers modern giving solutions that serve the needs of anyone involved in a charitable transaction, from financial institutions and employers to individual donors and charitable foundations.

Ren's Flex Giving Account Solution

Social media, grassroots activism, and the rising generations are dramatically reshaping the notion of who can engage in philanthropy … but the systems supporting philanthropy remain the same.

Ren is changing that, democratizing philanthropy by putting tools for giving at everybody’s fingertips.

Working with employers, financial institutions, foundations, nonprofits, and individuals, Ren’s Flex Giving Account increases access to giving and forges stronger relationships between donors and the employers, organizations, and institutions that support their giving activities.

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With Ren...

  • Financial and philanthropic institutions can support clients and donors with greater speed and scale
  • Non-profit and for-profit clients can engage both high-net-worth and everyday citizens with velocity
  • Donors can increase their capital and respond to urgent needs quickly and easily

And they all achieve these aims with greater efficiency, less friction, and no red tape.

Generosity-Fueling Features

  • Modern Donor Portal.

    Donors contribute directly to donor-advised funds or Flex Giving Accounts and distribute funds to approved charities.

  • Charity Database

    Donors contribute directly to giving accounts and distribute funds to approved charities.

  • At-a-Glance Awareness.

    Dashboard optimized for quick assessments of giving activity.

  • Giving Feed.

    Donors easily share giving with peers.

  • Employer Connections.

    Ties directly into matching and incentive programs.

  • Mobility.

    Designed with mobile access in mind.

  • Record Keeping.

    One-click access for end-of-year tax records.

Solutions for...


Financial Institutions

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Individual Donors

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Charitable Foundations

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Financial Institutions

Ren’s modern giving platform makes it easy for banks to make charitable giving a part of their suite of banking services.

Deepen Relationships

Differentiate your firm with a charitable giving offering designed with banks in mind. Ren’s modern giving solutions help deepen connections to existing customers, engage new ones, and drive deposits.

Engage and Capture Millennials

As Millennials increase their investable income and prepare to inherit a share of the coming $30 trillion generational wealth transfer, Ren offers a white-label Flex Giving account that suits their needs, meets their technology expectations, and feeds their desire to do good.

Drive the Charity Economy

With more than $427 billion donated to charities in 2019, financial institutions are only tangentially involved. The Ren platform positions them to power the charity economy.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

Seamlessly integrating with your online banking platform, Ren provides Flex Giving accounts via a user-centered portal with single sign-on for a smooth log-in process.


Ren’s workplace giving capabilities make it easy to cultivate values-driven engagement with employees, tapping into your team’s desire to go good and creating a firm-wide community of philanthropy.

Drive a Culture of Giving

Ren supports your workplace culture by instilling a sense of collaboration, purpose, and community that drives innovation and creativity. In other words, giving gives back through better products, services, and work.

Spark Efficiency

Ditch the tedious administration of corporate giving programs and let Ren take the pain out of donation matching, employee incentives, and other activities with a robust, user-friendly platform.

Shift from Intuition to Data-Driven Insights

Ren’s platform gathers rich data into the charities and causes that your employees care about, to help you align corporate philanthropy with what matters to your employees.


Individual Donors

Centralizing your charitable giving through a Flex Giving Account makes it easy to find organizations that match your passions, fundraise with friends, and budget for your giving.

Fund your Account with Ease

Once you have your account, you can fund it through recurring deposit or one-at-a-time transactions. 

Discover Worthy Recipients

Discover organizations that are aligned with your passions, and donate to any registered charity directly from your account.

Donate Anywhere with a Click

No need to send checks in the mail. No worries about entering your credit card on external websites. Donate directly via your web or mobile app wherever and whenever you want. We make sure the charity receives 100% of the funds.

Collaborate With Your Friends

See where your peers and like-minded donors are giving on the Giving Feed, and support their efforts by easily donating to the same organizations.

Stay Organized

See all of your charitable activity in one place, and have quick access to end-of-year tax records.



Charitable Foundations

Ren’s modern giving platform allows you to offer what we think of as mini donor-advised funds to all members of your community, driving efficiency and impact.

Build-up Funds for Future Donor-Advised Fund Holders.

With Ren, you can offer Flex Giving Accounts with low or no minimum to donors that aren’t yet in a position to open a donor-advised fund. Start building a long-term relationship and help them achieve their charitable goals.

Reduce Donor-Advised Fund Admin Costs

Integrate directly with your existing gift and grant processes and leverage Ren’s technology and automation capabilities to help you administer your donor-advised funds more efficiently. Ren community foundation customers are starting out by moving all of their donor-advised funds smaller than $25,000.

Power Workplace Giving Programs

Partner with local employers to power their workplace giving programs, automated through Ren’s white-labeled portal. Build deeper relationships and expand your reach in your community.

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