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I Owe WHAT in Taxes?


Still reeling from the sting of your tax bill for 2015?  Nothing can ruin a beautiful spring day like writing Internal Revenue Service in the “Pay to the Order of” section of a check.  Perhaps you are an accountant or trusted advisor who had to deliver the exciting news to a client that they must make “additional contributions” to the government this year?  Unfortunately, our time machine is still in development so we can’t go back to 2015 to right our wrongs, but moving forward, there is a way to turn potential compulsory contributions to Uncle Sam into charitable gifts for organizations you and your clients love.

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Illiquid or Unmarketable Assets as CRT Investments

I’m frequently asked whether a certain private equity investment, non-traded REIT, or limited partnership interest is a suitable investment for a charitable remainder trust (CRT). My response is a resounding, “Maybe!” With any investment other than cash, a security traded on an exchange, or an investment such as a mutual fund for which a daily net asset value (NAV) is available, there are five specific areas of concern I advise a client (or their advisor) to evaluate:

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