How To Transfer Trusts

Transferring a charitable trust to RenPSG is easy to do. Below are the necessary forms and information needed to transfer one or more trusts. You’ll soon receive the benefit of having your trusts administered by the nation’s oldest and largest independent third-party charitable trust administrator; and, you can immediately draw on our years of experience navigating the tax and reporting requirements necessary for consistent accurate trust administration.

All you need to do is complete the information on the forms below then provide us with some additional information.

We’ll Also Need:
  • A copy of the executed trust document
  • Last prepared IRS Forms 5227
  • Previous calendar year trust account statements, including original purchase date and cost basis of all assets held as of the end of the year
  • Year to date account statements
  • Direction as to payment of distributions to income beneficiaries, including account from which funds are to be requested and how payments should be made
  • Make RenPSG the address of record on all trust accounts, as follows:
    Jane and John Doe, Trustees
    Jane and John Doe Charitable Trust
    8910 Purdue Rd, Suite 500
    Indianapolis, IN 46278


For a reminder of what to include with your application, Click here for a  Trust Transmittal Checklist, or call one of our consultants at RenPSG, 800.843.0050, and jump-start the process of moving your trust to RenPSG. If we can help answer any questions, contact us.

Still exploring your options?

If you’d like to keep learning about giving options, we encourage you to use our education center. The RenPSG Education Center provides information about different giving vehicles, helpful calculators and questionnaires, important FAQs and more.